Frequently asked questions

The Virgin Plus Trade-in certificate program allows you to save when you trade in your old phone. With online trade in, the certificate will be applied as a payment (in the form of a bill credit) to your Virgin Plus account within 2-3 billing cycles. With in-store trade in, the certificate must be redeemed in the participating Virgin Plus store as full or partial payment for your new phone or accessories as part of the transaction at the time that you trade-in your old phone.

We only accept one phone per trade-in transaction. At this time, you can only trade-in smartphones online. To trade-in tablets and smartwatches, please visit a Virgin Mobile store.

With an online trade in, you will receive a certificate for an amount equal to the verified value of your phone, based on its make, model, and condition if such value is greater than $0 as determined by Virgin Plus. This certificate amount will be applied as a payment (in the form of a bill credit) on your Virgin Plus account within 2-3 billing cycles.


Some phones will be deemed as having no value depending on their age and/or condition. If your phone is assessed by Virgin Plus as having no value upon receipt, your phone will be recycled through the Virgin Mobile Recycle Me program.

No, you can only trade-in your phone within 30 days of your online activation or hardware upgrade.

The value of a phone diminishes over time, so estimates change frequently. An online estimate lasts for 45 days. If that estimate expires, simply visit a Virgin Plus store and ask a representative for assistance. If eligible, you may trade your phone for an in-store credit that can be used towards an accessory purchase.

No. Only the phone, battery and battery cover are required.

Place your phone in the box you receive your new phone in or another suitable box and download the provided shipping label. You must package and ship your phone securely as any damage to the phone while being shipped may impact the final trade-in value. Drop the package off at a Canada Post location.

If you haven't shipped the phone within 45 days of receiving your trade-in estimate, you don't have to do anything; your trade-in estimate will be canceled. Phones that have already been shipped can't be returned.

Before mailing us your old phone, please disable all security features, PINs, swipe and security codes, back up your personal information, remove memory cards, deactivate accounts (i.e. Find My iPhone, Google Activation Lock, Samsung Find My Mobile, Mobile Device Management etc.), reset your phone, and fully charge the battery.